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Gangajal Nature Foundation, Mumbai is a Non Government Organization (NGO) founded by Mr. Vijay N. Mudshingikar. Through the medium of Gangajal photo exhibition we are trying to spread awareness about water pollution. We are doing it for last six years. We are using Photographs of polluted Ganga and Documentary film based on these photographs as tools to spread awareness.

Though Saving Ganga is our most important project, our scope of activities are not limited with only Ganga. We are mainly a group of nature lovers and researchers trying to save environment by activities like awareness programs, cleaning camps etc..

Jan Jodo Ganga Yatra

Now, we are organizing an awareness Campaign along the route from Gangotri in Himalaya - the starting point (source) of the River Ganga to Gangasagar in Bay of Bengal. The aim of this Campaign is to create greater awareness among the people about the environment. This Campaign is called "Jan jodo Ganga Yatra" (Connecting people to Ganges) . This Campaign is planned in the month of Jan-Feb 2010 and will consist of "Gangajal" photographic exhibition, documentary shows, talks by experts on environment and arrangement of "Cleanliness Workshops" in various pilgrimage places, cities along the river Ganga covering a distance of 2500 kilometers. There will also be participation by ten cyclists of the our Co-Organizer Round the Earth Cycling Organization, Mumbai, They will also try to focus attention of ordinary people and politicians to the problem of pollution of the river Ganga. It will also include collecting and collating of data on the detrimental effects of Ganga river pollution on lives of the people living along the route of river Ganga. This data collection will be done by well-known water experts traveling by a mechanized river boat from Haridwar to Gangasagar, Bay of Bengal. ( Edmund Hilary did the reverse trip from Diamond Harbour to Devaprayag in 1972 in a Jet boat.)

We need your support for this.

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