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Gangajal Nature Foundation, Mumbai is Non Government Organization (NGO) founded by Mr. Vijay N. Mudshingikar. Through the medium of GANGAJAL photo exhibition we are trying to spread awareness in the people about water pollution since last six years. Now to conduct this activity by a foundation we have established and registered GANGAJAL NATURE FOUNDATION, MUMBAI. The purpose is to create awareness with respect to the pollution of River Ganga.

Having clean water for survival is a fundamental right of every biotic component of the Nature. Having clean water will definitely boost health condition of people of India and socio-economic efficiency of the Country on sustainable basis.

We will head towards this vision by creating awareness within society at large about the growing pollution of clean water resources and prevention of same.

This awareness will be created with the help of visual media like.. (1) Photography Exhibitions (2) Screening and distribution of documentaries on Pollution Prevention of Clean Water Resources across the population besides the water bodies.

It is therefore vision of the Gangajal Nature Foundation, Mumbai to strive for the protection of clean water resources of India from pollution of every kind.

The aim is to hold this exhibition and create awareness in each and every village and town in our  country. This is just a drop in the vast ocean

Please visit our website http://gangajal.org.in for more details.

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