Gangajal’s Helping Hands to Flood Affected Bihar

A strong agitation by Raj Thakare for protecting right of people of the land is creating whirlpools across the India. On this backdrop, nature lovers from Maharashtra responded to the SOS for flood affected Bihari people and displayed the true side of Maharashtian tradition of helping hand to people at distress across the India.

Recently Kosi River swaps many villages covering almost 3 Lakh hectors of farming land and property worth about 800 Crores. Gangajal Nature Foundation, a Mumbai based NGO with objectives of Nature Conservation and pollution prevention of fresh water resources rushed to help people of flood affected Bihar.

Since 2006 Gangajal Nature Foundation, Mumbai is taking pain in creating awareness about prevention pollution in fresh water resources through Photo exhibition and Documentary screening. Gangajal Nature Foundation, Mumbai also motivates enthusiast to participate in photo competition and making of documentaries on fresh water resources.

Between year 2001 to 2006 Vijay Mudshingikar, founder of Gangajal Nature Foundation, Mumbai had traveled 2500 km across the length of river Ganga for studying Ganga Pollution. This study created foundation for the Gangajal. This attachment towards the river system forced them to give open call for help. Among many others Badlapur based Gayatri Charitable Trust, under guidance of Bapat Guruji contributed 2 tones of various material.

A multi faced team consists of Veteran photographer Sham Manchekar, Writer Sureshchandra Varghade, Dr P D Kadam and Vijay Mudshingikar step up to help flood affected Bihar. Achyut Marathe of Maharashtra Bhavan at Gaya and Ashok Soman of Maharashtra Mandal at Patna served direct linkage to Ashvini Thakare District Collector of Purnia District and thus aid rests straight in the hands of flood-affected people in need. District Collector of Purnia, Ashvini Thakare had made very special efforts to support this mission by providing required infrastructure in the form of security and administration.

State of Bihar witnessed the contradiction, on the one side, there is strong agitation against Biharis ways of snatching jobs of locals and anger against Raj Thakare and MNS and on the other side Maharashtian helping attitude towards flood affected Biharis. People of Purnia District will always remember their District Collector Ashvini Thakare and Gangajal Nature Foundation, Mumbai for their wonderful job.

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