We are there in Bihar…

Gangajal Nature Foundation is extending helping hand to victims of Bihar flood disaster. Our president Mr. Vijay Mudshingikar along with our Honorable member Shri. Shyam Manchekar, Shri. Sureshchandra Varghade and Dr. B. P. Kadam are on the way to Bihar with clothes, medicines and some more helpful appliences. They will be there for 4 days and will carry out distribution of these goods by themselves.

Helping hand from Prakash Dnyan Shakti Kendra, Badlapur

Prakash Dnyan Shakti Kendra, Badlapur has contributed huge amount of chaddars and clothes. We will be distributing these things also.

… and from Maharashtra Bhavan at Gaya, Bihar.

Gangajal Nature Foundation's Members

Gangajal Nature Foundation's Members

Maharashtra Bhavan at Gaya will be a major source of help for us. We take this opportunity to thank our member Shri. Achyut Marathe who is manager there.

We are well aware that its still small amount of help as compared to what is required. We have done our best in collecting this and will provide it to the people need this the most. Thank you all who have contributed to this activity by us.

We are just transporters and distributors. May all the needy people get enough food, clothing and shelter as soon as possible. May not anybody sleep hungry there. May disaster like this not happen ever….

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