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Ganga as an eternal river has been flowing in India as a life line

Profesor Dina Nath Shukla
"Deen", Allahabad vishvavidhyalya, Allahabad Department of Zoology, University of Allahabad, Allahabad 211002

It has been a source of inspiration to our thinkers in the past. In fact it is the foundation of our philosophy and Culture. The river Ganga is regarded as Mother and being worshipped in many traditions and rituals. According to our great epics, Ganga has descended from heaven from the feet of Lord Vishnu.

As a matter of fact Ganga is a unique river in the scence that it originates from the World's highest mountain. Its water has several compounds witch is synthesized by the Floral and founal diversity of the Himalayan range. Therefore has great therapeutic property. Its water contain Bacteriophases who can kill the other disease causing bacteria. Ganga water is the main source of irrigation and supply of drinking water for about 30 Crore people and about 40 crore cattles all along to its 2400 km. long river course. In the absence of this hole river, we can not imagine life particularly in indo gangetic belt.

Now it is a matter of extreme concern that our holi river Ganga is loosing its extra ordinary powar due to impact of pollution being caused by so many factors like over population, disposal of seavage and industrial effluent in its streem. Disposal of human dead bodies and over fishing is also responsible for its pollution. Some of the unique founa of this aquatic ecosystem are at the brink of extinction.

It is therefore we Indian should take pledge to come forward to save our Mother the holi river Ganga from pollution. Environmental awareness being created through the photo exhibition to motivate general public to join this pious mission and to attract the attention of our Government on those issues which are responsible for such affairs.

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