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Ganga : A purifier of Human Body and Soul

PROF. B.D. TRIPATHI, M.Sc; Ph.D; FNECA Coordinator, Environmental Science, & Technical Expert, nominated by Hon'ble High Court, Allahabad,Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi 221 005

The most purifier of human body and soul, the pious water of river Ganga was found loosing its efficacy during 1972-1977 due to heavy input of various pollutants. Research results of 5 year investigations conducted by the author on the quality of river Ganga water at Varanasi have been discussed first time in the Indian Parliament (Question No. '16'64, July 1980) which not only drawn world attention towards Ganga water pollution but laid down foundation of the Ganga Actin Plan in India. Author is greateful to the then Prime Minister of India, Late Smt. Indira Gandhi, who assured during her discussions on Ganga water pollution on occasion of the 68th Indian Science Congress, organized at the Banaras Hindu University in the year 1981 that "Ganga Water Pollution will be checked at any cost". Indeed it was a matter of great pleasure that the Govt. of India paid attention, established Ganga Action Plan and spent more than Rs. 500 Crores to prevent the Ganga from Pollution. Unfortunately work conducted during first phase was not found satisfactory and people went to the Hon'ble Court at Allahabad to take remedy through PIL. In this connection author had analyzed the water quality of river Ganga and made detailed investigations on its important pollution sources. The matter was also reported to the Hon'ble High Court, Allahabad

Water Quality of River Ganga at Varanasi
Maximum & Minimum average of 85 samples 1997.

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