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Gangajal Nature Foundation, Mumbai

Kavar yatra, Haridwar Prayag Sangam, Allahabad Ganga Arti at Prayagghat, Varanasi Gouri Kund, Gangotridham

An Appeal To Financially support Documentary Series on the India’s National River the Ganga

Nature has always been an integral part of our existence – the Sun, the Mountains, the Animals; the Trees have always been revered and worshiped by us. Throughout the history of India, and the River Ganga has always had special significance. In fact it is the most sacred river in the country. For thousands of years she has flowed enchanting everyone that walks on her banks. 50 Cores of Indians are living on the bank of the Ganga River.

We appreciated the work done by Hon. Shri Rajiv Ji Gandhi on the Dying Ganga. River Ganga is declared as a National River of India by Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh in 2008 which was 'International Year of Rivers' Gangajal Nature Foundation is working hard for last three years towards awakening and educating people about upkeep of rivers and lakes by organizing photo exhibitions, screening of the documentary, by holding national level competitions in essay-writing, photography and documentaries.

The Foundation is also producing a Documentary Series on the river Ganga, so as to reach a wider audience. The Foundation hopes to broadcast this Documentary Series on Doordarshan and Discovery Channels. Filming of the Pilot episode covering the "Doli-Yatra" from Mukhwa to Gangotri was completed.

We believe in work which has public sense & acceptability to enrich lives which adoptable changes. This is a way to track the philosophical changes along with historical background and its direct applicability in today’s material world. When we seriously explore the river Ganga, we observe some special element changing life styles along the Ganga basin.

In today’s fast paced world we tend to get too involved in our own hectic lives to think about larger issues like the environment. I hope this exhibition inspires you to take up the cause of our nation's most sacred river, the Ganga.

We are group of enthusiast in the field of Documentary. We are trying to make a Documentary Series on the India’s National River the Ganga. We modestly request you to participate in this mission to protect ‘The River Ganga’ by giving donations and helping us to get sponsorship for our Documentary Series on the Ganga.

Together we can make a difference...

Our 80G order No is – DIT (E)/MC/80G/2514/2009-10

Our Bank Account Number is- State Bank of India – 30263488108

Please contact us for further discussion on:

Vijay Mudshingikar


Cell Number – 09869086419

Gangajal Nature Foundation, Mumbai.

"Jan Jodo Ganga Yatra" by GNF

Route of Our Successful "Jan Jodo Ganga Yatra".

For details and photographs, Please click here...

About Us

Gangajal Nature Foundation, Mumbai is a Non Government Organization (NGO) founded by Mr. Vijay N. Mudshingikar. Through the medium of Gangajal photo exhibition we are trying to spread awareness about water pollution. We are doing it for last six years. We are using Photographs of polluted Ganga and Documentary film based on these photographs as tools to spread awareness.

Though Saving Ganga is our most important project, our scope of activities are not limited with only Ganga. We are mainly a group of nature lovers and researchers trying to save environment by activities like awareness programs, cleaning camps etc.. Click here to read more...


River Ganga is in really bad state. There's plenty of research is going on to study Ganga and effects of pollution on it. Our articles section is repository of such scholarly articles written by some of the authorities on this subject. Please click here to read these articles.

Environmental Magazine

We are proud to present Gangajal Annual Environmental Magazine. A content rich magazine, full of scholarly articles by wek-known activists, thinkers, writers as Shri Kumar Ketkar, Shri Sunderlal Bahuguna, Shri Abhijit Ghorpade and many more... Please Click Here to download your copy now. You can order for a printed version of this magazine for Rs. 50 (+ Rs.25 Postal Charges). Please Click Here to contact us and Order.


Be a member of Gangajal Nature Foundation and share your efforts with us to save the environment.

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India's National River The 'Ganga'

The leather industry, besides being a major contributor to the Indian national economy, is unfortunately also one of the major polluters. The present article discusses the influence of the wastes on the physicochemical characteristics of the Ganga water and sediments. Two sampling sites have been chosen at Kanpur, the first before and the second after the point where tanneries are located. The same physicochemical parameters which have been determined in the wastes have been monitored at these two sites for two seasons. The results reveal that most parameters increase as the river traverses between these two points. The increase in values of parameters such as BOD, COD, Cl-, and total solids could be due to the domestic wastes just as much as to the tannery wastes. Phenols and sulfides, can also come from other sources, but their probability of coming from tanneries is higher. However, chromium is one parameter which can primarily be identified to originate from the tanneries. The speciation of the sediments for chromium reveals that the leakage of chromium into the Ganga is taking place at the second site. There is almost a tenfold increase in chromium at the second site as compared to the first. At the first site the surface chromium is primarily in the residual fraction while at the second site it is in the Fe–Mn oxide fractions. Click Here for more videos

Gangajal Documentary

This documentary is shorter version of documentary film showing The Ganges Water Pollution. This documentary is created by a NGO "Gangajal Nature Foundation, Mumbai". The purpose of this documentary is to create awareness with respect to the pollution of River Ganga.

As per WWF, The Ganges is one of the 10 endangered river. The Gangas is soul of the Indian Culture. It is having great Spiritual, Social, Economical and Historical significance.

This Documentary throws light on importance of The Ganges as well as current problems its facing. Click Here for more videos

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